About Us


Just think of the last time you purchased a sex toy or visited a sex shop and try to recall how it made you feel. Now, forget about it. 

Johny is here to put the world of sex toys in right order. We are constantly trying to eliminate gender suspicion or fitting everything in just big boxes, male or female, single or in a relationship, XS to L. While you are browsing our online store, you’ll never have to deal with gender indications as we truly believe that every sex toy is made with a specific body part and not a gender in mind. Johny loves and respects all of us exactly the way WE love and respect ourselves and wants to remind us how special we are through EVERY page of this web shop.

If you are looking for more information regarding sex toys or just material to educate yourself, www.johnysmag.com, our blogspot, will become your best companion. Along with our shop, Johny’s Mag, is aiming to answer questions, spoil you or trigger your interest. It is Johny’s mission to stay alert and provide your cravings with outstanding material, as long as it is your duty to enjoy it to the fullest and share the love out there…

So, this is who we are! An Online Sex Shop with a clear mission 

  • To eliminate any taboos regarding Sex Toys -our sexual health is important and the world needs to follow up on this.
  • Orgasm has no gender. We are all human beings sharing the same needs. Pleasure sees no pronouns and everyBODY is entitled to pleasure!

In the meantime, Your dedicated Johnies, promise to always stay updated and educated and provide you with the best of our services and our love.

See you on the dance-floor!

The Johny’s team ❤️

P.S. To avoid confusion regarding our gender free identity, we kindly ask you to bare with us since the product feed on our shop comes directly from our supplier. We are constantly working on the background to clear out all gender specific product wording, since we believe that all our products are for everybody. We are not the ones to determine who should choose what. We respect You and your wishes and therefore do our best to leave choosing your favorite toy completely up to You and what you like!