Games are a fun way to maintain the excitement and playfulness within a relationship, no matter what stage the relationship is in. They can range from card games, board games, to dice games. Many of them have sexually exciting images on it, including suggestions for a variety of positions and actions. They can also be something that can be played among friends to get to know each other better, though it may lead to learning more about friends than we anticipate! While many standard games have a focus on strategy to be the winner, the games in this category are focusing on fun and connection. Hopefully, they will make everyone involved a winner in some way or another.

For some, games can be a way to explore a new relationship. Not only will the players engage in an activity together, they might learn something about how their partners play, what they’re willing to try, and their general attitude about doing activities like this. It might also be a way to learn more about the compatibility of the relationship, including emotionally, socially, and physically.

Sometimes, a relationship needs a reinvigoration of excitement. It happens to every relationship, especially if it is a long-term type. The New Relationship Energy fades away, and life tends to happen. With life and the day-to-day activities, it’s easy to stop prioritizing fun sexy times with a partner. Even more so, it’s easy to stop prioritizing our partners! This doesn’t mean a relationship is doomed. However, it is important to continue to build and put focus back on the relationship in order to keep satisfaction and pleasure alive.

Games can be one way to incorporate whimsy and put focus on the relationship. It can be an activity to help partners get into a playful headspace, while also building trust and understanding, as well as discovering new and exciting ways to experience pleasure