Much like any sexual act, anal play is enjoyed by some and not preferred by others. It can, but doesn’t have to, involve penetration of the anal canal. It definitely involves trust and communication. There’s still a lot of taboo about the tushy. But everyone has a butt!

The anus is the external opening to the rectum and is packed with sensitive nerve endings. Though it is the location of where waste is excreted, it can provide a different type of sensation that can feel pleasurable to many.

Massaging the anus externally with lubrication and a finger or a toy is one way to have anal play without penetration. Analingus, which is mouth to anus stimulation, is another way people enjoy anal play. For those with a Prostate, firmly massaging externally around the perineum, the area between the anus and the genitals, can be particularly enjoyable.

Controlling the opening and closing of the anus are the sphincter muscles in the anal canal. These muscles are important for regular body functions. The external sphincter is a voluntary muscle, meaning that it is easily controlled, like the biceps and quadriceps. The internal sphincter is an involuntary muscle, meaning that it relaxes and contracts without conscious control, like the stomach and blood vessels.

Though both the external and internal sphincters are constantly contracted, they can contract even more or relax to accommodate penetration. Stimulating the sphincter muscles with massage is an important part of anal play, as it can feel wonderful alone and help to prepare the anus for penetration if that’s what’s desired.

Products for stimulating and pleasuring the anal area are specialized because they are often built with a flared base, preventing any “lost toys” and visits to the Emergency Room. With any anal product, lubrication is recommended as the anus does not produce natural lubrication.

Remember, as with most sexual play, it all starts in the brain. There’s a direct line from the brain to the butthole. If someone is not interested in anal stimulation of any kind, then any kind of anal stimulation will not feel pleasurable. No amount of convincing, conversation, or love will necessarily change the way someone feels about anal. Only engage in anal play if someone is interested in playing with their anus.

Anal Beads are a series of beads or balls connected together, and either one or all of the beads can be inserted into the anus for a pleasurable experience. Inserting the balls one by one, using lubricant, can feel like an interesting sensation. Also, pulling the beads out, either slowly or quickly depending on the wearer’s preference, can be an exhilarating experience.

Anal plugs that are inserted into the anus that can be inflated. These plugs can be inflated using a pump that is connected to the plug. Using an Inflatable can help to stretch the sphincter muscles, which can prepare an anus and rectum for penetration with another phallus or penis. Inflatables can also be worn like a standard plug after inflation.

Plugs generally have a flared base which helps to keep the plug securely in place. This is especially important for anal play, so as to prevent any loss of the toy inside the body. Plugs are also generally worn during play as opposed to thrusting it in and out of an orifice. This creates a feeling of fullness, and can create even more intense stimulation in other parts of the genitals. For anal stimulation, they can help prepare an anus and sphincter for penetration with a phallus or penis. Plugs can be made from glass, aluminum, stainless steel, or silicone. Sizes vary, and some products are a set with graduating sizes for a personalized experience.

Probes can help to create a more fulfilling experience for the person being penetrated. Probes can be used for thrusting in and out of an anus, or for stimulating the prostate gland. Using a probe can feel powerful, for both the giver and receiver of its pleasure. The length of many of the Probes can also make Solo Play easier!

Prostate Massagers
Prostate Massagers can be inserted anally to stimulate the prostate gland. The prostate gland is a walnut-sized gland that releases fluid which helps to move ejaculate through the body. Because the prostate gland sits towards the front of the body, many of the Prostate Massagers will have a curved tip to help reach the perfect spot.

Tail Buttplugs
Tail Buttplugs help to add flair to anal play. Plugs, which are inserted into the anus and worn during play, often have a flared base that has minimal design outside of function. Tail Buttplugs have simulated tails that protrude past the buttocks, making it look like the wearer has a tail of their own. Some have detailed designs that almost look like jewelry for the treasured area. Find your preferred Tail Buttplug based on your style.

Tunnel and Stretchers
Tunnels and Stretchers help to stretch the sphincter muscles of the anus to create a gaping effect, keeping the anus stretched for a longer period of time than might be typical. Tunnels can be worn much like a Plug, with the hollow center creating a tunnel look. These toys are for the Anal Connosisseur, who want to bring intensity to their pleasure.

Vibrating Buttplugs
Plugs, Pumps, and Probes are amazing anal toys on their own. Adding Vibration takes the intensity level to new heights. The sensitive area of the anus, packed with nerve endings, responds well to vibration. In fact, vibration can help relax the sphincter muscles to ease penetration. Along with lubricant, Vibrating Buttplugs enhance the anal experience, whether it is used during solo play or partnered play.