Small, sleek and portable can describe the toys in this category. Most of the Mini Vibrators can be manageable and held in one hand. Some are in a classic style of a “pocket rocket,” and some are bullet style. Mini Vibrators can be used externally on a clitoris, tickling the labia, up and down the shaft of the penis and testicles, on nipples, and along any sensitive spots on the skin. Some can be used inside the vagina, so please take note of the toys’ descriptions.

Finger Vibrators
Put the power back in your hands. Or in his case, you finger! Finger Vibrators sit on a finger of your choice or your entire hand, giving you easy access to all your hot spots. Start by using the Finger Vibrators as a pin-point massage on stressed knots. Trace a trail all over your partner’s body. Tantalize and tease all the way up, down, and all around. The anticipation will be heavenly!