The feeling of fullness, of being completely filled, can be an intense pleasure that can feel truly satisfying. Oversized Sex Toys can help to truly fill that need. Bodies are flexible and can handle a variety of sizes. However, patience and training are important to using these types of toys. This category is meant for folks who are accustomed to the buildup of slowly stretching an orifice prior to inserting a toy. Choose from toys that look like penises, hands and arms, fantasy shapes, or plugs. Some are harness compatible. Though many can be used either vaginally or anally, remember that any anal toys must have a flared base, even at a larger size.

For specialty, one-of-a-kind dildos, this category is for you. From dildos shaped like animal penises, to monster penises, to fisting hands, you can let your imagination go wild. Extra long and extra girthy sizes are options in this category, as well as multiple penises put together. Explore your inner desires with the sex toys found here.