During self-pleasure, if one were to use their hands, they are creating friction and movement against a body part. This friction and movement can be slow and sensuous, or fast and vigorous. The sensations stimulate the nerve endings located in these body parts to communicate to the brain about whether something feels pleasurable or not. Because stimulating the genitals activates the pleasure centers of the brain, it can eventually lead to orgasm for most people. Vibrators are essentially a way to stimulate our pleasure parts at a higher frequency, which can lead to orgasm faster. Of course, this is all relative depending on the body and so many other individual factors.

However, vibrators were not originally meant for pleasurable purposes. The modern vibrator as we know it today was invented by a British physician, Joseph Mortimer Granville in the early 1880’s. But he proposed to use it on people with penises to treat pain, spinal disease, and deafness – stating specifically that he was not using “percussion” on people with vulvas, which was what many people believed. At most, he was using his electric vibrator on the perineum to cure erectile impotence. During this time frame, it was believed that sexual pleasure caused health issues, so the medical field was actively trying to avoid sexual arousal.

Luckily, we know today that sexual pleasure has more health benefits than problems, and vibrators make the perfect tool. Vibrators have gone through many versions, starting with ones that needed to be cranked by hand, then battery powered, then rechargeable. They were used as beauty tools, personal massagers, and eventually to the adult pleasure toys they are today. They come in a variety of sizes and functions, from a hand-held, travel-friendly classic vibrator to dual stimulation with rotation, thrusting, or expanding. Though they are traditionally marketed towards people with vulvas, the truth is that anybody can use vibrators, and they can be used to stimulate a variety of places on the body!

Standard Vibrators
Battery-operated and rechargeable vibrators in a classic style. Standard vibrators can be used externally on the clitoris or internally in the vagina, depending on personal preference. Choose between discreet, slim shapes and textured bulbous shapes for added stimulation. Don’t forget the lube! Use the dial control or push button to choose a preferred level of stimulation that will bring ideal pleasure.

Bunny Vibrators
Vibrators with an external tickler shaped with bunny-like ears are some of the most popular types of toys. Some vibrators are dual stimulators, with a vibrating shaft for internal pleasure and external ticklers for clitoral pleasure. Some are standard vibrators with bunny ears at the tip. Bunny vibrators stimulate either side of a clitoris, providing a surrounding-like sensation that is very pleasurable, especially when lubrication is added.

Clitoral Vibrators and Stimulators
Clitoral Vibrators and Stimulators are wonderful for people who want extra stimulation for their pleasure sessions. Vibrators with added bumps, ridges, edges, and suction cups change the experience from standard to supreme! Every toy’s special feature provides a different experience that can lead to incredible heights of pleasure. Play solo or with a partner, and make sure you have your preferred lube on hand! Find your new favorite in this category!

G-spot Vibrators
The G-Spot is also known as the urethral sponge, and it sits approximately 1-3 inches internally along the anterior vaginal wall. The texture is different from the rest of the vaginal walls, like comparing the roof of your mouth with your inner cheek. Stimulating the G-Spot takes some added patience. It is more beneficial for the vulva to already be excited prior to stimulating the G-spot. Most G-Spot toys have a curve to the tip, which helps to hit that treasured spot.

Vibrators with Clit Stims
Vibrators with an internal shaft and an external stimulator are a popular style of sex toy. Some of the internal shafts twist and turn, some have rotating beads, and all are powerful tools for pleasure. Cover the toy with your favorite lubricant, find your favorite setting, and enjoy all that these toys can bring you.

Mini Vibrators
Small, sleek and portable can describe these toys. Most of the Mini Vibrators can be manageable and held in one hand. Some are in a classic style of a “pocket rocket,” and some are bullet style. Mini Vibrators can be used externally on a clitoris, tickling the labia, up and down the shaft of the penis and testicles, on nipples, and along any sensitive spots on the skin. Some can be used inside the vagina, so please take note of the toys’ descriptions.

Duo Penetrator
Do you fantasize about being penetrated both vaginally and anally at the time? The sensation of being completely full can be extremely satisfying. Whether you are playing on your own or with partners, you will find a product to fulfill your wish. Some Duo Penetrators can be worn by a partner with a penis or strap on. Vibrator and dildo models are available to choose from!