Part of having a fun and sexy time means being prepared for the before and after.

Beforehand, have you prepared all the items and actions that you feel is necessary for your play? Do you need contraceptives? Do you need to clean your toys? Do you need lubrication? Do you want to do anything for your body before engaging with another person’s body?

Afterwards, what needs to happen in order for you and your partner to continue on with your days outside of play? Do you need to clean your toys? Do you need to wash up?

It is important to consider the before and after of your sexual play because it is part of the process. It doesn’t only begin and end with whether or not clothes are on. Pleasure and sensuality can be included in more of your day, if you chose to see it that way. Play can be included in more parts of your life as well.

How sensual would it be to talk about all the different condom options as you search for the perfect fit? Buying condoms is often portrayed as being a chore, or as some sort of obligation. But it could really be a fun activity between partners if they let it be that! It could even be playful to put on a condom!

The same concept could be applied to other acts! Clean your sex toys together right before using them. Taste test some flavored lubricants together and choose your favorites, then set up a flight of flavored lubes to use during a play session. Find scents that you want to use in your bathing rituals. Schedule baths or showers together.

Sensuality can be part of your self-care routines, and self-care can be part of your sensuality routines. It’s all in the mindset. Remember that so much of feeling sexy starts in the brain. Once you’re in a more relaxed state, the more pleasurable your sexual experiences will be.